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of Prolongation attached to the top of the scapula. Lateral

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We also respectfully call the attention of the profession to the manv preparations

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together. They are sensitive to palpation and are sometimes but not

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administration of digitalis etc. if cardiac asthenia becomes pronounced.

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represent arrest at the stage of its development in which the ostia primum

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On the other hand Devine would not have gone into medicine if

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the minimum dose. As an aid other remedies are given to take

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drawn particularly during the past spring. There is a sudden onset

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qnantity depended upon thosizenf Ihetnrnor. Voicef lt

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animals are now unmistakeably glandered and farcied. If kept

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constitute the varieties of the so called villous cancer which may

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fydramia from f YS Wj o water otoligmna from OAfyoc little J

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and August nearly one hundred cases with five deaths

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soothed by bathing or anointing the skin with diluted glycerin f j

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been given the names of massage therapeutic gA mnastics Swedish movements

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ous material. Among the nitrogenous elements the most

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also contains albumin sugar cellulose tannin and vegetable

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Accepting the view that when cholera is introduced into new dis

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appearance of the internal organs he was of opinion that the deceased

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able in amount. Some authors as Bartels and Thomas ascribe the

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oysters but that he knew that typhoid bacilli had been intro

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butter sold under the name of oleomargarine made of clean

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information on it can either be compiled more easily or

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years was taken ill with rigors feverishness and vomiting which in

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encircle the neck the position of the knot being indicated by an irregular

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observers agree that the venom of certain sea snakes is

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stitute a unique and most valuable addition to the statistical literature of


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