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discuss the subject in reference chiefly to the experience of our own

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bleeding took place. Removal of a portion of the growth

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perature under or over should arouse suspicion of disease

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The following cases were found in a review of the medical

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vaginal fistula and afterwards close it by the usual

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the young. Ovarian dermoids and sarcomata are the most

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destruction by suppurative panophthalmitis or even a

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brought into a ward with cholera patients is attacked does not prove

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in a state of disease the one containing hydatids the other with

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for publication in these columns. The writer s name must be

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The premonitory symptoms indicate therefore the imminence of some

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tinued cold is much better borne without recourse to these liquors than

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of the body. The history will generally show that the heart has been

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little apparent suffering much less certainly than I ever saw

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England since the Return of the British Army from Egypt. London

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operation was done on the th. There was a full curved incision

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cells of individuals to the autolyzed protein of the diphtheria bacillus

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The medise of both eyes Avere clear. In the right there were

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active micro organisms in these fermentations are severally and

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Prescribed by the most eminent Physicians in Europe and America.

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difficult to think of them in any other sense yet undoubtedly

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road Company thence southeasterly following the roadbed of the said Galveston Har

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open the pupils dilated the media clear the right retinal vessels

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under such favorable circumstances and such constant care as can be

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Uisters. And first let it be observed that a substance such

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i decline in invasive cervical cancer has continued. De

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the Sanitary Bureau of the Health Department for the follow

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were word blindness and word deafness in two in which the

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moderately efficient medical supervision has already been established


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