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nearly every State and Territory in the United States. All rattle

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valves were healthy. The heart weighed oz. The right pleura was everywhere

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effusion takes place. Effusion is further attended by a

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constitxation looks well has a negative family history and has

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on accoiuit of the danger of hemorrhage. Lavage of the oesoph

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tion are absent in a few on the other hand they are

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cardiac hypertrophy and palpitation. Aconite is useful in vomiting and

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Etherization suspends sensibility labour goes on but without pain. It

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lirious patients imagine to have been abused by persons

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in several places both ventricles were much enlarged exhibiting

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The patient is seized with rigors headache backache and loss of

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loss of power often becomes more general though it continues

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immediately as any other mind or spirit which is distinct from

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me W ith a number of samples prepared by different methods

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tachment of the retina are not proper subjects for operation.

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sibility of benefit by the transplantation of healthy

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taken with right hemiplegia and aphasia. He had necrosis of the parietal.

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erably enlarged and contained many small grayish nodules in which the bacilli

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tremor from other causes. Paralysis agitans is a disease of old age and

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With regard to distinguishing the comma bacillus Koch said

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It is neither necessary nor wise to work so roughly as to

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tuberculous bronchopneumonia and acute miliary tuberculosis develop

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injection as in the present instance. He thinks that possibly the

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I ove. Holmes that amazing intuition of yours has proved right

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quently yet considering the absence of those causes which

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eeeee. Straps of silk braid passing from the band by which the

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when hydrocephalus begins after the sutures are united the head

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larly to cases of syphilitic origin. Distinct benefit has followed anti

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of putrefaction might accumulate within the pericardium after death in


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