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traction being loath to cut the diaphragm unless com

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Counter irritation to the chest walls as for congestion and pleurisy

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cured by the first injection while recurrence takes

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head and by the accidents caused by the remaining of the

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nine Arseniate of iron Bromated camphor Hyosciamine

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freely from the wound. A female catheter was now passed into the

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These more recent outbreaks were characterized by trans

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manifesting itself and again subsiding after a few days. In other cases

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brachial paralysis in which recover has occurred without operation.

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but occurred at frequent intervals. There were absolutely no

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mature eruption of smallpox largely influences the outcome of this affec

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tated by the forced nasal inspiration and sniffling l y this

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made of every scholar out of about l.OUO scholars the

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Subcutaneous Hematoma. The author had several cases

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windows there is no reason why a change should be made during the

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in the urine suggesting perverted metabolism and intestinal putrefaction.

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Diagnosis. Herter calls attention to the value of the clinical determina

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employ an injection of grammes of distilled water containing in solution

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be forced outward and even the diaphragm will be somewhat depressed.

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guish this popular abridgment and cannot fail to recommend it to

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Sequel to a case shown as living specimen be ore the

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causes over which it can exercise no control. We feel confident

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All this will more particularly require attention according as

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from habit or carelessness the most complicated and costly apparatus

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is due to faulty technic owing to the inexperience of

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and instances the famous Dutch Admiral de Ruyter. Civiale s list of

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causes a most profuse discharge of bland pus to run down the

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nal carotids the subclavian arteries send off important auxiliary

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and up to the present surgeons have had to choose between


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