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thousand of the population of this country suffer from

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the treatment of consumptives is a combination of all

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August Dr. Geo. Hayward of this city removed the major

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of many been extremely dubious or problematical. Hitherto it

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has acquired by inheritance or whether it is a general

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The state of some of the more important organs commonly affected

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supersede the telephone. He says I have already tested it to my

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Until within the last few years the differentiation of the

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vent much labour which that system advanced as it is

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Iculated to afford relief are likely to be those which will rouse the

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entire surface of the brain corresponds with the entire surface of the

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a stream of hydrogen sulphide is passed through the liquid. The quantity

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more or less unconsciously soil their clothes with urine

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growths appearing on the free margin of the lid or on the

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lived by sucking till they have teeth and have never taken animal food

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lants may perhaps be overlooked or disregarded by those who

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physicians of a lower grade besides a small army of assistant professors

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few signs but they are not at all like those of typhoid

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It had healed by scabbing by tl.e th of the same month.

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of instruction of the Medical School of the Johns Hopkins Uni

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sively to that work and should be patronized assisted

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tion and protection. These reactions are subject also to irregular

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what impeded in its functions by the inflammatory infiltration that has

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former to the affected parts the latter to the nape

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prevent further invasion of the larynx by destruction of

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increased the pain but when the pain had disappeared this

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their children and one who fails in this is not a friend

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ened and opaque and the left ventricular wall was hypertrophied.


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