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common among the poorer classes but this opinion is probably erroneous.

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seven residing in the parish of Ballingarry of a vigorous athletic

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tion into serum albumin have undergone deterioration at the same

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subject for the M.D. degree that the examination in clinical surgery

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patient rendering him unfit to cope with the pulmonary complica

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erysipelas the patient was cured of her chronic syphilis.

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he tried a telephone with a diaphragm mounted so as to vibrate

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action on both poliomyelitis and adenovirus vaccines.

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almost anywhere in the distribution of this nerve. The mem

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demonstration of mucous membrane invasion more especially as it brings

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the instinctive sense of fear amounting to in some cases

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But touching the open questions of medical opinion and practice

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Jezebel re incarnated she also tells of communications received

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statement of concrete actions including visit or visits to home

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difficult in some cases to make an accurate diagnosis with

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of the ganglia an unusual degree of surrounding infiltration. The ganglionic

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revealed several small areas of neovascularity in the

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Moved by Dr. Russell seconded by Dr. Sally that a commit

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ing and disintegTation of the cells and tissue usually without marked in

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long continued excites delirium paroxysms of mania and lastly stupor.

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Wiesel s results show that in Addison s disease the chromaffin cells have

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portant points it would constitute one of the best text books of

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ceases to develop very much thereafter whether kept at

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connective tissue strands extended from Reissner s membrane to the

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of the cells after prolonged secretion the cells consist

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birth to young and these that have estruated normally for

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normally somewhat diminished in pregnancy and is subject to con

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He admits consequenUy that the opportunities which were afforded him

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suffers from frequent attacks of palpitation of the heart with

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Cape Cod the rates of mortality from pneumonia are vastly


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