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penis retraction of the testicle and interruption in the flow of urine

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in which alone they would be taken in by the germ so as

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organs of motion. Of the latter as appearing in a very partial

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classes it is a question if it would not be wise at

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by getting out a circular setting forth the advantages of card catalogu

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cure of anchylosis. No mention so far as my information

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work and thus increased the special training required to more prop

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perhaps not be altogether useless if by exciting attention to

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and closed. There was some suppuration but recovery was good.

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of analysis as a preliminary to the publication of the results that we

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duration and character of the disease. On its removal the mucous mem.

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months. These will be worth many times their cost to the practising

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irritative lesion on the side of the brain opposite to the arm affected.

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Committee. London. Report of the Metropolitan Destitute Workmen s Aid

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pressing the aorta. It is different when there has been serious haemor

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cion de la Sanidad en los Ejercitos Espanoles by Felix

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for a mouth at a time by chewing a plant called erythoxylin

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whom he had done the supra condyl. r operation had a tem

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this loop and drawn out through the canula so that its

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deeper fibrous network the cartilage or the bone. In

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tal disease in which indicanuria has been reported. In

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Cripps s opinion regarding the treatment of these malformations

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are confined in advance to limit the movements. Thus the translation and rotation

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plex showing nervous nutritional and inflammatory disturb

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having at hand acupressure needles of suitable length I resorted

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in the walls of the capillaries and in the vaso motor

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own and Dr. Holloway s investigation of the visual field phe

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on purely morphologic grounds. Recent advances in the

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tetic and medicinal treatment are the same as used in febrile

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of dilatation are not fully understood. Prophylaxis is

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of New England New York Virginia or Colorado may be sought where

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in malignant diphtheria Dr. Millard five times met with this alteration of

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or in impure cultures with the influenza like bacillus first described

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Give it alone and not in combination with other reme

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ally supervenes and the delirium gives place to drowsiness which soon


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