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can be done bj the creation of several committees to act in the

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to make use of titles in such alphabetical improvidence as he

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village of North Tawton fchey both lodged in a court having a

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at college. But then we all knew that a fellow simply cannot get

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Flechnig showed that the second stage of tbe develop

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ing was discharged from the hospital cured January. She

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jointly they are very likely to be productive of disastrous results.

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rosis of man and the diflSculty of determining the nature and

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In the classification of spinal tumors the earlier subdivisions of

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partment of Obstetrics and Gynecology at that hospital he accepted the Chairmanship

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best medical literature. Let us hear often from these

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wives render valuable service to the community and supply a defi

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cold affusion. I administered a second affusion the delirium ceased at

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and the mortality from either phthisis or pneumonia.

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