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plethoric people whose urine is loaded with uric acid or lithates.

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It should consist of The sanitary commissioner with the Govern

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clarifies a situation by a positive Wassermann or discovers

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ficiently probable that some degree of obstruction does take

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appearance in the vicinity of the tirst case aud fever of some

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however it still continued to extend its ravages in the vicinity

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out patient room in February able to stand though not to walk

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Give carbonate of soda in water and spirit or turpentine and oil.

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is difficult. In poliomyelitis the onset is usually

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has as yet been isolated consequently the chemical nature and com

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The periodical paralysis of the ocular muscles which may recur for years

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personal life while optimizing financial rewards. Interested

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The difference between the two ankle jerks is very distinct

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the muscles etc. or of internal organs with no other ap

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vantage of this state of affairs we can have no such

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In February the fracture was firmly united and the patient was

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dejection in comparative peace. It is usually necessary

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the physician to maintain the best nutrition possible it is highly im

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flattened behind and at the sides below it is narrow and cylindric. It

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Burton Henry G. Captain and Assistant Surgeon. To be


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