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pig or of man himself. When the little worm is removed from
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of well pronounced chancioid. All tlie facts considered of importance were
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from Troy the growth was in the posterior cervical triangle
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practical objective interests of life. Combine these in mild
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declares that he found polychromatophilia in all the nucleated red blood
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Egan the Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Re
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by previous damage to a joint as by trauma rheumatism
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most powerful the greatest peoples dwell upon their banks which
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Cloquet and in a third case in the Philadelphia Hospital in which
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environment the institutional organization turns its
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from gouty manifestations and imperfect metabolism. It
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for larger instruments and those for the dilatation of nar
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Beema to be one that has not been properly met. Too
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determine accurately just what bones are broken and where
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and the remarks inaile by that cntleman and by several of tlie
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and the milder types of rheumatism lay the foundation for subsequent
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Here indeed the whole specialty of army surgery comes in. Any
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long it will be before water is again met with. It is more
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Dr. Cautlby in reply said he appreciated the points which had been
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a hollow ring perforated in such a manner that the streams


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