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four years. A Masonic blue lodge pin was presented to

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sheep I gr swine gr dog gr. Locally caustic parasiticide.

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flections on the pathogenesis of this affection. In two

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how much it is possible to learn before assuming the title and the

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angles immediately above the external occipital protuberance. The

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Among other trophic disturbances may be mentioned atrophy of the muscles

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wound was irrigated with sterilized water. All the flaps

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usually buoyant and they were full of life and activity. These

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of instruction of the Medical School of the Johns Hopkins Uni

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of quinia. He gives usually. centigramme in two doses daily sometimes

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structure is a basement tissue of elastic and connective

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In case of inducted or accidental abortion I have found the curette

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morbid conditions functional and structural than a disease

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trace its origin among the negroes of Elias Faison and prevailed

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whose treatise on the diseases of women is preserved by Israel

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Anaerobes soluble organic matter substances find their way into the sewage

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rubber bulb attached. Fifteen drops of the solution were then

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and such like slops with insufficient supplies of bread

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ed into small and insensible portions thus distinguishing for

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which the following medico legal questions were asked of the medical witnesses

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Exalted Paranoia I love him again an intolerable idea

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For the last twenty years Dr. Millard had spent all his

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turbinated bone therefore pus found in this region or

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exudate. Swelling of the liver almost constant edema of the feet. Quantity of

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arrest of haemorrhage during operation whether it be the

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water is attracted more powerfully by salts with trivalenl cation

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blood with the blood picture in acute leukemia. In every case it was

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smut of maize wiU bring about untoward effects. These


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