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entrance ef any iiifedted creature into their lands,

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into the shade, his clothing removed, and the body freely and frequently

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head remains high up and will not engage and those where the head

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off label uses for carafate

at a late stage, the breath has often a peculiar smell, resembling chloro-

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bread which must be allowed before the glycosuria returns is an indication

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pimples begin to fuppurate ; after which the fulphur

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a horfe's arm is called the thick part of the arm, and

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and finally the formation of abscesses and cavities in the lungs, were accur-

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ca : and indeed it is highly probable, that the excel-

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pack. The bath may have to be repeated several times, and stimulants

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is strong evidence of pyloric obstruction, it is not absolute evidence of

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ing to houfe their flieep in, fliould di\ide it into fe-

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injuries made surgery possible. Through the vision of Lister was

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poll-evil or fiftula. This difeafe alfo frequently at-

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The pulse is rapid when the disease is active and progressive. It quietens

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diet, and even then great care has to be exercised in the choice of food.

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guard ; practically, it is not so. On the contrary, owing to the feeling of

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Previous disease. — Diabetes mellitus is frequently complicated with

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It consisted of an analytic study, with an historic setting, showing the

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seen on the surface, and rarely on the interior in cases of generalised

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the trot fhould be fliort ; but however fhort it be, by

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"functional paralytic conditions of a hysterical nature." It

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powerfully modifies the following attack; almost invariably the second


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