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centres which I published in it was shown that different

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numbers attacked it is comparable to influenza. In regard to the latter

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years ago without its being suspected that anything more than

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Dr. Drury of London thought that those who followed minute

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diagnostic value. I am however of opinion that the clonic

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cheaper sort where lodgings were to be had for four

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as palliative. The invention of the subcutaneous injection which was

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one of Portland s oldest and most celebrated practition

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M. Gros in the Bulletin General de Therapeutique for January which

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mersion bath and similar processes must of course be avoided

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back as. During microscopical examination of some wine that

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placed at the root of the tongue so much the better.

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to be drawn by means of leeches strong evacuation of the in

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medicine and of the lives and contributions to knowledge of

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sile shattered the bundles of iron poles for tents which were stacked on

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Certain easily recognizable anatomical landmarks on the sur

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increases their toxicity toward various organisms over tenfold in comparison

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ritation which requires soothing an irregular distribution of the cir

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The hospitals while not as large as those of the east furnish

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root and their nerves are subjected to no irritation. In

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The present article gives the results of a recent refractometric

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On the other hand Devine would not have gone into medicine if

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made it equally certain that it proceeded from the main trunk

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condition as noticed by Cadeac and Lustig. Cadeac has also

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ficial veins enlarged the lips became red and the tongue glazed and

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binder aod drawn suflBciently tight to bring the head well for

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particularly the case in streptococcus infections. Marked proliferation of

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tion of urea and uric acid continues free and copious. Sudden

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