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tutional disturbance, in illustration of which I have the notes of

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Notwithstanding of their extreme defects of moral sensibility, al-

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hence the terrible dreams and distress which have disclosed mur-

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value, but care must be taken lest too free a use of them bring on

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moral insanity, and becomes irresponsible to the laws he is persis-

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grand divisions, founded on pathology, were established. Skae

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made in paragraph 22 of the Report, that conjoint Examining Boards should

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and, al"ter the operation was over, intraperitoneal accumulation of

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violently convulsed ; in sixty more seconds it was dead.

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limbs of a strong volsella (as figured at page 716 of the " Edinburgh

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The treatment may be kept up for a long time. All other drugs, — for

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whole, is devoted to — Moral Madness, characterized by the absence

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great in appearance during life, is not always attended by much

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the vaccination was observed in two cases given in Table 5.

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hours, and 4 were negative; of the sera of the animals which received

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the commencement of all such cases to constant poulticing or stup-

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the positive results of Holobut and Kraus seem to estabUsh the existence of a marked

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cytes which take up the red blood corpuscles also take up the organisms. It is common

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Chronic Bronchopneumonia. — Occasionally an acute attack of

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instructions sent with the drug were carefully followed. The result

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if not over larger areas, may take place independently of communi-

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Ergotine and Ether. — Ether and ergotine should never be used to-

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with the mother that Dr Young had considerable difficulty in getting

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evacuated the pus, the success justified the treatment in my eyes,

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hospital, are, from experience, the best judges of what is needful,

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the positive phase resulting from the first inoculation. He increases the

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is a cerebral stimulant and a great aid in nervous dyspnoea. As Huchard

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in such cases. Carbolic acid has, however, failed to do any service

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or on an empty stomach, a cigar holder being always used and the

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Catechism of the Catholic Church, " Man is a reasonable being,

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a heavy month. November and December show gradual de-

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gently tapers with soft curves from the posterior to the anterior

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and administer with it small doses of thyroid extract. Beebe has recently

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There is one part which might be readily enough (perhaps too

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Sig. — 1 teaspoonful 3-4 times a day in milk during meals.

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sedatives to the receptive centres — is equally ineffective. The

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lowing a second injection of foreign protein. That it is not of frequent oc-

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enthusiasm of Nonat in France, M. Bernutz committed an equally

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rapid changes. It is well known, and I have frequently timed it with my class, that a tea-

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became sufiiciently spread abroad to produce much fruit ; and in the

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Experiment No. 4. — A fowl was bitten in the thigh by a cobra

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lin treatment, or autoserotherapy, or diuretic or diaphoretic therapy.

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having directed the attention of the profession in this country to this


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