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the time is devoted to practical work in the medical sur

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pura malarial infection lead poisoning etc. Very obese women

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growths echinococcus more rarely cysticercus. Neuro

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with rubb gt r tir.n It is tlniHhed in white enamel. Keing

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rosis of man and the diflSculty of determining the nature and

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the ovary to which it is adherent and which forms a kind

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multispecialty clinic and is seeking physicians in the follow

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In Materia Medica and Therapeutics there is an cmbarras des richcsscs.

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A Report Upon the Agglutination Reactions of the Bacillus Dysen

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or a mode of treatment the more does it develop this

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artery. The patient was a woman aged fifty three whose

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traction upon the ciliary body should be prevented by an appropriate

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of the flock on bare pasture gave oil and other medicines

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logical departments they must all have satisfactory X ray depart

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chief of coiu se is the responsible authority in aU

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as occasion requires. The second is to emphasize the necessity for

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first juery which very naturally presents itself is What con

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tration which is especially common after abdominal opera

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room with fear lest the one man who remained the whole hour

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brother operated on by me in summer for caries cla

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the vesicular column of Clarke. The function ie sup

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are sufficiently familiar to members of this Association.

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are exceptions that no horse or mule in the army which

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tion and he assured her that it could be cured. I therefore employed

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Royal College of Physicians of London at the present day. Holbein has commemorated

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prac t ical and important matter. I have in mind cases in which

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seven cases. It is possible that these weak reactions

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of the accompanying sketch. It is made to unbutton com

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Dog. Normal leg perfused first with normal then with dialyzed blood.

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providers have adopted the management practices of the

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Assistant Surgeon to the Hospital for Diseases of the Skin Blackfriars. Philadelphia

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dition. Uterus on examination flaccid hemorrhage profuse


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