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of the gland cells. In one of the two dogs the diminished response to

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third in the recumbent position. Pressure in the neighbourhood of this

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used ; which on that account are not of that bad consequence,

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treatment by radiotherapy is being carried out. Though two rats subjected to

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to any purpose if hyperplasia might be expected to follow operative

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because the bismuth contents of the stomach completely obscures

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than that at which it was when the conduction time was most

metoprolol tartrate 50 mg oral tablet

liver, and spleen. The histological picture was that considered by Sternberg

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necessary for the preservation of life ; and that without it every

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trauma of certain parts of the intestine. Similar cases had been previously

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individual members of which so far do not seem to show any

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(4) certain cases of advanced chronic pancreatitis ; (5) combined carcinoma

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Hedinger, E. Struma medullaris cystica suprarenalis. (Beitrag zur Lehre der

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that an increased hemoglobin metabolism could account for this.

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by the administration of food. They show that a diet of bread, rolled oats,

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the last two distal pairs. According to Terni, in the case of Gongylus ocel-

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especially, while the patients dying of gradual cardiac insufficiency

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enlargement of the thymus. He considered that this enlargement, which

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operation, having never seen more than three attempt it ; and

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detecting accurately and quickly the nature of the infecting

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showed verrucose endocarditis, embolism of a branch of the pulmonary

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Case 75,496. Male, mulatto, aged thirty years. Past history,

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74 operations being undertaken for this cause. Discomfort and deformity

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the patient's general status much improved. Especially notable was a

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improved. The other, a woman, showed no improvement under benzol

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temperature charts, as unless all were shown, they niight be quite

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had been made faintly alkaline with ammonium carbonate, had

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ment in the red cell count and hemoglobin as in the myelogenous type.

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more antiseptic than taurocholates. With regard to the practical use of bile

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with work by others on the efficiency of the heart and of the whole body,

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Shaw, H. H. A short account of the deaths occurring in the gynaecological

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musculature, of the stability and equilibrium of the body in all movements.

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sell better. We have had occasion to examine these seconds

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between sexual functions and mental disease. Discussing the question

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thyroid of excision of the parathyroids; but I am not quite willing

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in the warm water, oil it again, &c. &c, as already described.

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transmitted to the thinnest part, that is, the posterior inferior part, of the

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severe operation, which had followed a cerebellar exploration done ten days

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Pfaundler. Demonstration. Milnchen. med. Wchnschr., 1920, 67, 885.

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that there is a gradual imprisonment of air in the obstructed bronchus,

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a year previously she had had an attack of torticollis of eight days' duration,


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