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spinal cord was pinched. The cord makes a beautiful specimen dis
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be used by man for drinking or domestic purposes or for manufacturing
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May had been sick ten days and the intestinal hemorrhages leuko
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Coastal Connecticut. BC BE pediatrician to join busy two person prac
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the faulty state of ossification seemingly depending upon the
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heavy stocking believe that in this way the finer grasses
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than could be found in the worst ventilated room or stable
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ment. Two to three months is the best age to operate. When
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pital and made the first autopsy in that institution.
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highest merit is evinced throughout the work. As we turn over the
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of oxygen liberated in ten minutes from hydrogen peroxid by gm. of the
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points of difference between the two fevers. Gerhard and
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their cabbages in Covent Garden we hail its appearance as
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Increased clearness of sound with increase of resistance is ob
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diabetes mellitus the amount of sugar seldom varies much from day to
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are the brain and its membranes the spinal cord and its mem
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tated and presents the malarious cachexia sallow complexion loss
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Numerous remedies have been employed for the express purpose of
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distended urine normal hemoglobin per cent G. weight
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physiology wotild eradicate sickness and sin in less time than the
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in so many cases was able to walk some distance im
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mode of procedure consisted in the injection of from gr. ss
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specific contagion are concerned. In the vast majority of cases the
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silk suture through the ligament and tendon has abandoned it
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This is undoubtedly the longest time on record of the preserva
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ity has derived from misery poverty and shame. Per
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varied articles of fashion. For example it is the faohion
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you will quickly rind a great many individuals who enter our wards after
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Under Mr. Singleton s supervision Richard Mead progressed


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