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greater prostration of strength and evident symptoms of approaching disso

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Prognosis. If the patient recovers from the primary effects of the lesion

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they began to come down with influenza and they came down

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cessful and even then in preserving an animal which is dan

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avail themselves of such treatment. Yet much may be

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political party. Thank Heaven there are some cities free from the latter

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protoplasm. Those portions which have lost their vitality lose

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needles never amomus t gt more than a hoji ov two. and

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make an effort to apply the forceps in the event of fail

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Pacific Dental Congress will bring more than delegates

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but to calculate the mortality in our own country on

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their why and wherefore and to protest against the old

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intervals subsequent to the injection of the dye show a marked con

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stages are usually characterised by the presence of minute nodular new

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Autopsy Thirty hours after death I made the autopsy in the presence

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with greater frequency but less severity until finally the

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When the aneurysm springs from the transverse or descending

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Transient glycosuria hardly deserves a PROGNOSIS. In cases which

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development. Thus in Atcheen it has proved a scourge to the Dutch

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days may now be replaced by delirious excitement and convulsions

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as a pea and reached to the pupillary naisia. Iritia had been

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invasion the disease having reappeared in forty years. I r

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of its clinical material A new specialty has been created from which


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