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We may further add that the number for January G was published

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author whatever is doubtful may be and probably is syphilitic.

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patients did the disease show the least response to the

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failures by recurrence more numerous than by the liga

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treatment of epilepsy as viewed from the standpoint of the

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of a little papal state lying at the foot of the Apennines to

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ing the chill of disapproval one usually feels at the mere

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In black cases hazeline and ergot may be given with the view

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pedestrian exercise wearies the lower limbs which have

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Whereas New York State is directly interfering with the

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dissipation. This effect has been proven to be independent

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tenth day he could hardly talk and would not swallow

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While the present outbreak of typhus in New York can not

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throughout the course of observation by the same technician. Par

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of typhoid fever in which slow hemorrhage occurs from con

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three groups of these tuberculous broncho pneumonias may be recognized. In

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endocarditis is anatomically represented by tumefac

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tion. The earlier manifestations are usually those of fever with

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Yorkshire where the stipend is s. Here again let me note

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pearances in fifteen cases the author gave a general summary of

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in the skin. The second concerns the pathological changes and

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time to reveal the worth of every treatment. Where there are

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same experiment and found his load double its weight.

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vantage of science. He invoked from those who were successful in

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The right testis was slightly larger than tlu left and the

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The canning of horse meat at Portland Oregon continues to

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one to two inches they are separated as far as possible.

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ber furnishing absolutely reliable data from which to draw conclusions

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reported case the man a workman was bitten while handling the

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The exact chemical constitution of protoplasm is un

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pressed too forcibly upon the artery the expansion of the


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