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to introduce available residents to physicians mayors hospital representa

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entire cell. Sometimes the change is a granular one the nuclei of the

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in the lungs and in the bronchial glands is extraordinary and the statistics

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on this duty have aptitude and liking for the work and that they

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albumen in the urine and is a great cause of debility. It is

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lateral to the larger vessels which pass directly to the gut

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seconds with the face to the ground one of the hands being

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Admiralty a highly complimentary letter in which their lordships con

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Dr. Isaacs considered the symptoms explained in a remarkable

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sounds resembling those of a child was not in the house be

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at the knees as he expressed it with a moderate grade of dyspnoea

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indeed that the diminution and extinction of leprosy in most of the

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normal temperature stimulants such as strychnin sulphate

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its beat in the normal manner. This poison was supposed by

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substance. No vessels were found going to it nor did it seem

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gradual. The symptoms in the early stage are rather obscure. The

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the knife tlie galvano canti ry In unquestionably the

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Formerly the colour of the mine appears to have been attributed to the

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assured that each time in each case the active antiluetic which he

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of their classification. When such a pneumococcus is communicated to

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best secured by giving the quinine in divided doses at regular intervals

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not furnish the requisite data but it is shown that the two sexes

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The absence of marked pain during the early history

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tion honorary member of the Pueblo County Medical Society of

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ment deviation. In short the fact of practical encouragement to

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being splendidly illustrated. The only contribution from

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An x sterile non absorbable combine pad has been replaced with

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tive. In typhoid fever it had no influence upon the temperature curve.


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