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index card. This method while it has saved filing space and

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The doctor in Canton localized a foreign body in the upper part

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self experiment already covered by Pereira. But a second

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communication of the subject to the Societe de Chirur

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of the dam is usually from five to fifteen years of age. Above

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in the lymphomata of chronic lymphatic leukemia. Still apart from

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partment of Parks and Tourism One Capitol Mall Little

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cancer the uterine tumour Avhicli occupied the right wall of the

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adult body. The sarcoma has most similarity in struct

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thoroughly investigated that localized convulsions without loss

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of blood so frequently met with in this condition come from the

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of silver which was plated lightly with gold but in time he

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force to the circulation and slightly elevates the heat of the

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Ordinarily the condition has been very acute as for instance a pneumonia

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of whom the benefit is payable is an inmate of any work

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important investigations ought neither to be lost sight of or neglected.

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the theory of Liebig that alcoholic fermentation is caused by a living

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brachial paralysis with flail shoulder joint in an adult trans

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before the end of the normal duration of gestation.

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ecchymosed. The lymph glands are swollen and blood shot.

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district the uniting point of all other agencies. It should be an

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the restored function of the trophic nerves in stimulating

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of the vertical muscles is supposed to exist the power of

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tures are drawn under it about an inch apart. The vein is

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Institute that physicians as well as pharmacists should be pro

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filled with foreign material from the stomach perhaps

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appeared in a thesis. It is that of a female set. who died

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struments and ether that he considered these serious objections to lithotrity.

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perience his talent for investigation and his acquaintance with

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nected with tissue degeneration intemperance or with chronic gout


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