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charged. Where neither solution attracts water the latter is not

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Sijinplotns of hyperphoria include local or ocular

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for the time the consideration of that important pathological

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and above the level of the communication. The stagnation was

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rate being found amongst those the rateable valuation of

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was given by Prof. DaCosta acid hydrobromici S s j

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meat extracts may be used such as Cibil s Liebig s or

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glandered horses. All three succumbed to the malady.

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Article X. On the Adenoid Tumours of the Naso Pharynx and

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sudden violence as in the case of Mr. Conkling or its results may

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Etiology. Influenza is a disease that prevails endemically in the

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and cheapest disinfectants for drains manure floors yards

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an excessive amount of air is inlialed. Under these cir

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increasing salubrity and productiveness wherever the

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The examination of the abdomen does not always afford positive

lisinopril dosing for chf

and rejoined for duty at Louisville Kentucky in September following.

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cur or not recurring of itself may leave a weakness which tends

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ing point of germs or forming point of ptomaines No

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far reaching conclusions drawn from percussion findings after the

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Bethlehem Day Nursery Attending Physician Maimonidies Hospital Pediatric

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dyspna a but the tincture of stramonium in ten drop

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percentage of recurrences following open operations

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be well established so far as regards the mere fact of loaded

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ingestion varies in different cases and in some it has been observed to

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annually by its use and their horses are better and more

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horses were seized suddenly and commenced to worry and bite

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peristalsis as well as the gastric movements appeared to

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at which convulsions are stated to have occurred the number of


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