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on palpation. As there were evidences of tertiary syphilis on the skin

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dresses which senseless and inexorable fashion demands of her idiotic votaries.

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dilated. Similar results vere produced in dogs by the injection of

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inscrtcnl four fingers bcmeath each half of the exposed skull bones

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apparently good state of health. Without any previous indispo

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now itself become historical the building large as it was could ad

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of the nurses and the matron of that institution first died of the

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vened by the dim twilight obscured by a rainy mist.

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completely exhausted from the crying. Treatment of these cases

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eye and ready to resent any interference. Each paroxysm

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therefore surface contusion of the brain. Later on he developed

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Large numbers of white corpuscles are found between the

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left costal cartilage with the sternum where the second souud

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Presidents of the College. At the same meeting of the Council Mr.

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to consult another physician or physicians when the

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and London Norwich Leicester and ISirmingham Oldham

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lect of the bath are the fertile agents in their production

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colon bacillus being unquestionably more marked in women than in men.

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stroys life. Illustrations of this procedure are fur

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stature beyond inches was far too great to be accounted for in that

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kidneys are usually swollen occasionally small haemorrhages are seen in

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due to streptococcus infection the use of an antistreptococcus serum

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in the neighbourhood of the secondary abscesses and thus lead to the

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V. For Professional or Techntical Services including consultants

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nancy but apparently without any distinct septic infection I

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if it grows and multiplies too fast not only lose its power of

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investigated by competent observers the seat of the infection was

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of inteiest from an anatomic point of view and indirectly of

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reading materials for all patients for the purpose of contributing to their

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respectively manifest themselves by a more or less well defined symptom

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at New Orleans by the American Medical Association in substituting the

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preparations are alluded to. Of such doth the apothecary make

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Relation to Soil etc. The configuration of the country the nature of

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Jaundice the Yellows Icterus. Any obstruction to the flow

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demand for energetic treatment is a subject of great importance to every

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until submitted to the ne.xt General Meeting. The Council shall have the

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And yet in sight quite near at hand his trusty gun was standing


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