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superficial examination of it that there is no work

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tion after incomplete drying and the prolonged application

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pital of which came from two homes for children reported by Williams

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weeks later there were observable in addition to opacities

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edge and had to be taken in pieces a small portion remained so

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Stations I Local Quarantine Stations c. Refuge Stations. Methods

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following changes in the distribution of nitrogen in the absolute

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but the prostration which succeeds the attack is often very

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oystem against the prostration which accompanies the

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at each end of the central hall played an excellent programme of

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of stone there was prolai sus ani great pain before

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has terminated in connective tissue formations and aneurism of the ven

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low and sufficiently large to fill the pelvic inlet being

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suffering from organic disease of the heart. Shortly

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different parts and also to overcome adhesions of an un

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Astigmatic eyes I see and correct every day all astigmatic eyes

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weaning and the end of the ninth or tenth year. Its chief

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young adult and the older men and women of our popu

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for the contraction of the surrounding tissues and so to

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closed the wound. This second opening of the peritoneal cavity

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tensive superficial injury of the head there was alcoholism

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from lo to days. j enerally averaj e between or and

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upon the functions of its various organs. I have given ac

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It is probable that many other influences besides those men

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tumours this restraint this natural termination to growth is largely

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What is dialysis and how may a dialyzer be constructed

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to go on and develop into this treacherous disease. Do not allow

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after the renewed filling of the vessels by interstitial

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glands of the axillary inguinal and cervical regions were haemorrhagic


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