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doubtful if any treatment can effect complete repair of the disorganised

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diseases, pneumonia, and typhoid fever. Although acute catarrh of the

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do in the repetition of large meals through a number of years, so that,

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they contract thereby a loofenefs, which proves per-

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became jaundiced when she saw her sister accidentally drowned. The

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of no account at all ; for where I have perceived the

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sweating, vomiting and pyrexia, lasting for many days or weeks 'without the formation of

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sure — 120-80 mm. Hg. Heart — impulse diffuse 4th and 5th left interspaces

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tidiercnlosis in the Cainidian forces. ( )f these l.'.is:; had heen

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except those obtained by examination of the urine — diabetes decipiens.

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is also the inorganic phosphorous, while at the same time intestinal

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makes it impossible to offer during the academic session set courses of

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latter are shown in a sense of fulness, weight, and oppression in the chest

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snake-like, extremely active organisms, ranging in size, according

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activity, both functions failing before the meal is digested. This leads to

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cife continuing to keep the wind-pipe clear of this

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Rest in bed is advised at once, and if it seems that the patient is likely to

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On account of its peculiar curved shape, the bacterium is sometimes

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24. Thyroidin or thyroid extract, the ideal form not being

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quently present, and permanent albuminuria is a fairly common occurrence

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ture : hence the inconveniencies which arife to them

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chief but not the only cause of the good effects of the drug in cases

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of growths both superficial and within several of the cavities of the

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fight. Thofe creatures which were not carried off by

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being gained by removal of the outer wall of the antrum in one of the

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tion, therefore, is meant a retention of faeces which is unnatural in the

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Etiology. — Gastric ulcer occurs most frequently between the ages

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Many substitutes for quinine have been suggested and tried. Amongst

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Similarly, in order to represent all the terminals of 1, there would be

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life to it ; nor did it afFed cattle which had no com-

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engaged, the obstruction may be very slight, and the symptoms may be

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for raifing flocks of fhcep, 297, 32'- Origin of the fine

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of the knowledge of the world of microscopic life. We now know that

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times urged against its administration, on the score of interference with

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inflammation preceding perforation have induced a local condition of

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patient, docile, and lefs troviblefome to others. A

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injected subcutaneously till the pain is eased. Many like to use a mixture

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The entrance requirements for this course are graduation in

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