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Upon motion the meeting adjourned for dinner and to meet at Dr.

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studies these subjects would be thrust on the minds

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vinced me that it is by no means essential. I have seen several

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often being found dead in the field before notice has

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of the latter the absolute irregularity was at one time provoked by

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Physiology. Principles of Human Ernest H. Starling

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be established by the bacteriological examination of cultures. At the

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A VERY large assortment of MICROSCOPES from Nachet

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stant that it must be accepted as a normal finding. Here

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prive the friends of various certificates which they had obtained from different

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no symptoms by which an accurate diagnosis can be made.

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number. Nasal secretion was repressed in one case in ten others it

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dispensable that several meteorological stations be established in e.ich

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this has been done the control of the situation is absolutely in

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have been the subject of chronic pulmonary tuberculosis. In other cases

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However because of his commitments at the university it has become

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impresnated with any foreign noxious matter the spleen is by this readily excited

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taken place in the infarction. More or less suppuration also attends it.

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pigs have demonstrated that these animals at least may harbor the

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tants to the cutaneous surface thus exposure to the sun s rays gives

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Voted that the President read his Dissertation at OCloek

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gas to all parts of the tract. Still others demonstrated the practica


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