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extract may be given. In the human subject recoveries have

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May showed spicule extending into the pupillary space

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paired is therefore no greater than is reconcilable

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Stomach and intestinal irritation may also be caused by

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Therefore the editors are pleased to consider for publica

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See Program Southwestern Meeting Albuquerque Nov. ttTlOth

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ral way in the tail of the tadpole when developing into a

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of pathogenic bacteria and this growth may occur without appreciable

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JiTearly one half of the cases of straugulated hernia in children under

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greatly distended. The greatest change had occurred in the

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and second sounds commonly measures about two fifths

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observed in tetanus which should not be mistaken for an

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Next ubi irritatio ihi stasis. Stimulation carried to morbid ex

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thelium to which the name of sordes is given. This condition may be

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irregular. Haemorrhage from the stomach may be an early symptom it is

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as too strong although he elsewhere avers p. and p. that children

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knee. It covered an area the size of the palm and was

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same group of individuals we find at the same time some affected with

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derangement lt t the connective tissue rather than of tin endothe

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TREATMENT. The treatment of this condition consists in reducing

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cereal porridges eggs beef tea and soinetiuies a very little

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and which is figured and explained in the text. In performing

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found also in ulcerative endocarditis without pneumonia idiopathic

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ments is everywhere constant and notorious this cannot be prevented.

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more efficient the execution of the restrictive provisions


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