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thenic symptoms as insomnia general irritability and headache. I should like

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other while at the same time the original irritation continued to ad

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patient often if unable to stand giving a soft dry bed and

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ever against the surrounding skin. On the hand there were several

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had grown slowly. His general health was good. The tumor

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making rules and regulations for the conduct of dis

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The semi annual meeting of the Provincial Medical Board

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ies the bony framework of the body its muscles joints

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substance in the urine can be interpreted to mean an excess

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I do not know what he means by displacement you can

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a knowledge of the former is supposed to be an aid to the

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The observations of Klein having proved that the very fatal

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ture and accurately adjusted to the excavation. This

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standing exact enough to warrant careful comparison of the

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pectoral or subclavian and at the second the supraclavicular or

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The tunica media of the arteries contains many muscular fibers that

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should head the list as most abusive to their general well being are

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tion he was de sensitized by subcutaneous injections of

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particles of metallic and also of mineral dust especially dust

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blood cells together wtih a blood picture which might be confused

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do not donbt that yon oononr with me in the opinion

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always absolutely determine the site of the placenta. He ditfered from Dr.

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M. D. University of Virginia and New York University Correspond


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