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then dried in a room heated to. This destructive com
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effective as TCA in severe depression. Antidepressants
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have seen ill effects arise from its use nauseating the stomach
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that the disease is due to a micro organism. Pastuer
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man nephritis specialist stated that he had observed over three thousand
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in its substance. There were three irregular extravasations of blood
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involved with the production of adhesions or callosities by which the
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cases described as melaena neonatorum belong to this category.
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restores self confidence and gives patients the feeling that they can conquer
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Pearson Principles and Practice of Surgery Dr. Reid
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The commencement exercises began at p. m. will an address to
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to be sought in embryology it was not in the embryonic state
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of the glands. The possibility is at once suggested that the inflam
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name of this lamented and talented aural surgeon Meniere s
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definitely what sort of ammunition was used in producing the
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had been troubled with eighteen years I gave him the nitric acid
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But I certainly do take exception to entering into an
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who about two weeks previously had commenced to have
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What relation if any there may be between the shape
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false membrane and the structure under it undergoes necro
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ing sound in the pulmonary artery associated with affections
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quired examinations in the respective Universities.
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formations remained behind imbedded in the tissues in the form
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With regard to the method in which the milk of the various farmers
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of sight it is quite different in the forms of deep ulceration.
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Class Reunion. The class of Jefferson Medical College
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In the same way damp moldy oats or fodder produce renal


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