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account of the high incidence of gonococcus infection particularly

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The neck of the hernial sac and the femoral ring are so

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terest in histories works of fiction and in reading newspapers.

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The disease is stated to have been transmitted from a syphilitic vac

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feeble soft sometimes presenting a double beat twitchings of

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for them ever so carefully on the convexity of the hemispheres and

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N. B. Surgical apparatus for every variety of deformity made

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cording to the microscopical observation of the resi

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a time blotted out his rtasoniug faculties a sexual im

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membrane of the larynx was destroyed the follicular orifices were numerously

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On the following day there was observed a somewhat greater

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the thorax showed a visible impulse from the third rib downwards

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Various stains and fixatives were used but Zenker s fluid

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to a prominent or valve like projection but rather by a general

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namely pain heat redness swelling and impaired func

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acute and again we must remember the not infrequent occurrence of

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posed by controlled therapeutic trials conducted for can

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Aeci njjsi. Fracture at base extending from left parietal

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tonitis placing them with a bolster under the chest the head

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means of the forceps but no violence should be employed least of

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We realize therefore how important is the need of a better

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ferent forms of disease which we shall have to consider

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the occasion to plead the cause of the captive. He urged that

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tection. According to my researches the medulla oblongata also pos


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