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career. If he could not stoop to the arts of the flatterer,
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damage, by damage arising from neglect or indifference ; or in their
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crimination in the use of the names "prurigo" and "pruritus," but whether
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earliest manifestation is found on the extensor surface of one of the limbs,,
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Definition. — A new growth composed of very hard fibrous and
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and pass the greater part of their time in recreations ; but so utterly idle
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her sex as far as possible from the knowledge of her spouse,
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it ends by a slow process of cicatrisation. The most common seat is along
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perform without much or any engagement of the attention upon them.
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The next measure is the care of the skin itself. Absolute cleanliness
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man was saved from obscurity and advanced to greatness.
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Syphilis. — It is well recognised that some of the squamous syphilides
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evils. He passed from the grave to the pleasant with such
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Table VII. — (50,000 Children seen 1892-94). Showing the Percentage


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