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Proceeds as follows a Lay the subject on his belly with

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stimidating expectorants. He distinguishes four varieties of broncho

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will be discussed after the symptoms of the latter have been

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Bahia was free from yellow fever from September to March.

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slightly higher temperature causes congestion. Affusion is to

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left sided hernia while Caird has reported a case in which this lesion

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the membranes of the nostrils dryness of the mouth a

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school preaches the inglorious doctrine of irresponsibility.

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writer does. We do not blame nature in the business at all but

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brandy mixed in one pint of hot coffee or a table spoonful of

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ordinary routine work is encouraged to make studies

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begin the iodide in fifteen grain doses after meals

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drawn in some a long interval elapsed between the alleged

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the theory which he had advanced like others was not

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and correction administered to the medical profession of this

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dency or aptitude towards the imitation is strongly developed.

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amination of the knee jerks by the electrical reaction of the muscles and

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so called Lieljig s soup however the presence of di

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the value of drainage and irrigation of the bladder and how

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at all times and for all kinds of customers for the least

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an inch in diameter and the surgeon substituted one having a

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doing neglect or ignorance on the part of any one or any

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tube and the test tube is shaken until the precipitate formed is entirely

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stantly depleted in regard to the number of fibers of which


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