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ment was pursued. They are equally valuable, because all sources of

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the medical attendant, just as the effect of a Brand bath or of a dose

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lows a slight regurgitation of blood through the imperfectly

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Croup — Sir Morrell Mackenzie — Tetanus — Immunity as to the

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tea, and you find considerable sugar, what then? It argues

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was one of the most imiiortant, it' mil tlif most im])ortant, of all

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dioxide, and that it had to him an unpleasant odor, yet hydro-

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tory products of this condition Hering has found the gonococci, as has

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which are apt to follow single large doses. The remedy is best given

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treated in private houses, the sick-room must be kept clean, tv ell-ven-

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denly or be preceded for a longer or shorter time by severe

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27th, and again on November 11th, 1892 : "Patient looks and feels much better,

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very palatable, and not worth any risk. The Polyporei, or

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I he chairnum's hand and pressed it o\er the iidv bottle until it

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Fancy a speaker in council turning to two members of the board

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the adynamic or typhoid type the tongue is apt to become dry and of a

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and non-contagious, are probably as common here as in other

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"Even the lower strata begin to realize how much may be accom-

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of the face, however, is a manifestation which demands cessation of

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this point for a few days, an almost certainly mortal one. I have not

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temperature and pulse, without increasing the red cells.

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application of scientific knowledge and methods in the medical

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