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exhaustion or cerebral symptoms came on and life was terminated

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quently too a large piece of flesh sloughs off the sole and

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nous therapy or in patients on intravenous therapy who

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Sir Since the publication of my article in the Journal for

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ranges a hot lunch which is served daily in the school.

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able quantity undiluted solution of soda would prove a

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corroborates this view and it is certain that the fre

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towards regulating the current of blood in order to

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degrees are professors at the Colleges of Belfast Cork and Galway

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carried on a large and exacting practice and at the same time

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the Sanitary Bureau of the Health Department for the follow

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anaesthesia should lead to venous engorgement and it seems

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discharge from an otitis media its presence may be demonstrated with

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or permanent paralysis. When of central origin it often

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sions. The ice water was resumed and continued three

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better but because with more sunshine and fair weather the individual is likely

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and drowsiness merging into active delirium with reckless

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front and behind with coarse mucous and subcrepitant rale towards the upper and

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and opsoniphore. Like complements opsonins may be neutralized

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Prospective review of patients and current practice. Clin Orthop

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as they save themselves some trouble and do not run

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By Laws presented a report recommending certain changes among

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heat and tenderness beneath the loins. Treatment is by

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nant and often runs a rapid course. The myelogenous form sometimes

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symptoms remain localised giving rise to a remarkable form of


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