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bearing trade marks greatly esteemed, but more than nine-
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it is impossible to understand the other functions of the body
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Surgeon-Major C. M. Thompson, M B., Madras Establishment, is ap-
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chorea. Specimens were shown by Mr. Anderson and Dr.
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ceps which appeared in the British Medical Jouhnal o£ March 4tli :
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as " heredity." Herbert Spencer's " physiological units,"
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arm is flexed at the elbow and is held forwards, so that when walking
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1. "The statement actually made was explicit. It was that
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which were very diflieult fully to explain. In these cases
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perature often fell to freezing, and even at 22 inches 32° F.
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Dr. Kingston Fox mentioned a case in which he h^d. success-
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On examining the boy, I found liim to be fairly nourished
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hospital in wliidi antiseptics are properly used it produces
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reportsof the thtee sub inquirers will be in the hands of tlie Commission.
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the forceps usually described as " Tieman's bullet forceps.''
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bridge Hall, Northumberland Road (opposite the College
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of medicine passing into other hands, and so setting free the
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-without entering the circulation at all. This explains wliy
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England, but their symptoms were essentially the same as
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the albuminuria was due chiefly to the venous engorgement
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what is noroxin 400mg used for
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the air in the upper part of the rooms would be unaffected, as
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"a gross and unwarrantable misdemeanour in making public
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probably next to musk the most etticient remedy. It is not
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that the power of the law to punish by imprisonment persons
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before it had ceased to be spoken it had ceased to be written
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some substance capable of destroying toxic products which
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three weeks, and in one of the patients for four weeks after
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tarded by the formation of a large axillary abscess.
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cal Departmeiil of the Navy for a further period of five years. Full par-
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T. KiLNBR Clabkb, M.B.Cantab, Vice-President, in the Chair.
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There was some inflammation of the right tonsil, and the
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a communication was addressed to the Sanitary Institute from the " ocal
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called Health, which has lately appeared at Belfast, is now
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children mentally feeble, epileptic, crippled, and those
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slight and non-fatal, but this was not always so, nor were
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and 3 suspicious cases found. Similar work was done on the
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taining 2,600 grains of sugar ; specific gravity lOoO. He was
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tion and if the anastomosis is successfully accomplished, he is
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for the facts in part, does not contain the whole truth. As
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country. This having been discovered, the Government
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July 19th, and October 2oth, 1893. Candidates for elec-
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