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ported by the great majority of surgical authorities since

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works and advertisements relating thereto to endeavour to procure

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assumed vis tnedkatrix would lead to a negative practice to an indo

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rapidly. Diagnosis has become easier and more certain thanks

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highest merit is evinced throughout the work. As we turn over the

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per cent. From these Wyder would exclude cases in which the

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months. The liver is in other respects approximately normal

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ing than ever before. If therefore the College should now be abolished

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Dr. Cobb I think bleeding polyp of tht septum is known

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further minute investigation of the subject may reveal a common

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cystitome its nasal edge becoming tilted forwards in front

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solicitude as that of the soldiers and r ailors and the inmates

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An x sterile non absorbable combine pad has been replaced with

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tuary. Spontaneous perspiration ought to be sustained. Bilious

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mashes green food and milk after starving period. Give aloes ball

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the chloride of iron may be administered. Blisters are

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ance of this plan Mackenzie removed a piece of tissud. Ger

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The diagnosis should be made from the following conditions

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Mass experimentally produced paraffin embolization of the

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afterwards with mercury. He became much better but did not entirely regain his

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used as a quarantine against the spread of the infection and pre

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