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When girth gets out of control TEPANIL con provide sound

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tain otherwise intractable cases of menorrhagia and I can add my

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ably also infection associated with the catarrhal jaundice. Compare the

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P.LEBEAULT A Gl tMSV ofaK SnRiMn BtrMt OH.TXBTRAlsinaiu v

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a case of erysipelas in which life was not already in serious danger

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There is complete loss of appetite noted early in the course

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tion of callus irritated the injured ligaments and by in

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the Hippocratic countenance while the Hippocratic oath

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ing to the rectum. The waters had drained off. The forceps were applied

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subside lowering for instance from or to or and the

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upon the morbid catenation. This view is at least strengthened by

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it certainly does not alter the situation in unpreju

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gaining access to the body of the definitive host where they might attain

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organ of M. Chauffard that a complete change is ne

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yellowish color insoluble in water but soluble in warm

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cal stimulation. If the organ be sluggish a stimulant is given.

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gall bladder was small and atrophic in. per cent. the gall

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Present number of persons living or working on the grounds is

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The study of dermatology is a comparatively recent one and

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hospital without any evident cause but merely through one of

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multiple groups of parasites are present may occasionally be confounded

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than thirty yards its width not more than twenty yards.

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certain then the demonstrable signs must be complementary to one

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pose that there really exists a tubercular nephritis and

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cases under my observation one or more pieces have been found a short

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when the inspiration is claimed or acknowledged how reluctant are

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wash water. They are exfoliations from the mucous membrane

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a somewhat congested granular and thickened mucous membrane.

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country have devoted much time to examining the eyes of patients affected

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The fact that the most striking feature of the leukemia the

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the farming people and their families. Different phases of farm life


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