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Test for Colostrum. — If milk coagulates on boiling, it
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become gangrenous — erysipelas gangrcenosum. Enlargement of the
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more or less, as very important articles of diet. The acids
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a revelation, and help his lagging digestion. They come to
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ple one : add one teaspoonful of common salt to one pint of
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to diminish the resisting-capacity of the patients in this epidemic, and
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unsweetened, or sweetened with saccharin, diabetin, or man-
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enters the bath, and the constant friction, causing a wavy impact over
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by the patient, it may be given by enema, the dose being 20 to 30 drops
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twice a day, and the " fatigue curves" were taken before and afterward.
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{b) pneumo-typhoid, (c) meningitis, (d) broncho-pneumonia, (e) acute
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increased, it is supposed, since the advent of the various pro-
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After the jet douche for five seconds, following this hot-air bath,
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while at rest the respirations are almost normal, but exertion decidedly
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tite excellent. Weight, one hundred and thirteen and one-half pounds. Has
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(2) Abscesses. — These so-called metastatic abscesses are set up by
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first but the scrub oaks, and where the sand grass and lupine
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The pulse rises rapidly with the temperature, though the normal
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all, how shall we advise the victims of chronic gout and the
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pital or sick-room. Be cautious here, and avoid drafts from
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mer, indicate the urgent need for the adoption of more stringent
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pulmonary congestion is occasionally seen, and may prove fatal. Pul-
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with the use of the ice-cap, are serviceable. The gastric symptoms
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until it occupies almost the entire space of the papilla. This capacity
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to serious forms belong those cases that begin with the characteristic
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monia. In the heart endocarditis may be noted, though rarely, and both
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Before taking up the study of the causation of gout, it will
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tine in a nut-shell. How did it come about that Public Health
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formations frequent. I think three pints of good milk in
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upon the respiration and its functional dependencies. In disease,
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In order to emphasize the danger of very low temperatures, espe-
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of advance or retreat from the normal type. The syphilitic,
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the involuntary variety. They are regarded as a whole by Unna, who
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here. In catheters there has been marked improvement, and
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States from Europe. The seedling orange-tree is known to
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antitoxin, the organic cells of another animal are relied upon
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duration to be about three years. The late Austin Flint long ago
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Lemons. — The fruit of the Citrus limonium, and one I
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Brand method lies in the fact that its mortality is far above that of
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medullary fibres, which terminate in small, button-like enlargements,
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is narrower at the base than at the extremity, and is about one and


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