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frequently occurs during an attack of typhoid fever,

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December 3,, .91.,.] i'lTIl OF CURRENT LIT P. R AT VR II. 1345

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their use is in grave danger of losing his patient to

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the institution's Committee on Science and Arts, adopted

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Kindes. Die Bedeutung und Technik ihrer Untersuchung.

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meeting of the second councillor district of this society

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school resort almost exclusively to local anaesthesia,

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The following named officers of the medical Corps are

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tracheal insufflation. But the real progress in thor-

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was given mixed treatment but the patient took it irregu-

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*Read at a meeting of the Hartford City Medical Society, June,

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term. In the case of professors norjnal grades of $4,000,

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nitrate, although mere ^vatcr itself possesses some

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which directly stimulate the natural defensive pow-

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in the history of chronic alcoholism. It is classed

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say that an enfeebled individual will, in spite of Na-

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into two divisions — namely, removal of both sets

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straight through his blood. On opening him I put my finger down and

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Pressure on ovarv produced sensation of strangulation. At

tums overdose with spironolactone and furosemide

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nually collected, tabulated, analyzed, and presented in bul-

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good meals daily, sleeps well, and explained to the writer

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then began to seek information from the spirits, and re-

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as a text in order to present certain imperative de-

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the case after normal salines, with rapid recurrence

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dent, Dr. Herman E. Hayd, of Buffalo ; first vice-presi-

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ity as suggested for empyema ; this failing, it may

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3. A Case of Migraine Associated with Chlorine Reten-

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ago, and the anniversary was celebrated. In the forenoon

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.Vt the annual meeting of this society, held in Buffalo on

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6. Technique and Doses of the Soluble Injections of 606,

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communicable disease, it has not yet been positively de-

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Questions for liiscitssioii in this defartinciit arc an-


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