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of hot baths in conjunction with lumbar puncture. There were

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in the unvaccinated with those of the vaccinated in some of

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four pounds of blood. Not infrequently hemorrhage continues until the

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of certain infectious maladies may have their origin

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perhaps not be altogether useless if by exciting attention to

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resulted from the treatment. The patient gained considerably

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in an advanced stage of tuberculosis. He had declined very

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interference. Many authorities consider that this malady is frequently

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cases of secondary anemia are more prone to roduce an exaggeration

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for patients with a history of alcohol or other substance

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which are so prominent an effect of poisonous doses of

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prolonged colds which ended in cough lasting several

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times the animal is very easily frightened. There is

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that happens to be defective. In my former paper I discussed at

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Quincke s opinion these severe changes cannot but result in a lessened renal

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directed dorsad. The extremity of the left lobe is much flat

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OF the muscle. In case the scaleni muscles are found con

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ments necessary to establish its absence were not completely understood.

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for more than twenty years. The effects obtained are much

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location forwards of the humerus. Great difficulty was experienced in the re


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