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bacilli may enter the respiratory passages by inhala
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point of special moment. The infinitely clearer screen shadow
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should be avoided such as emotional excitement tea
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inflammations. For the typhoid bacillus necrosing inflammations of
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causing dissolution of corpuscles and there can be little doubt that the
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to a miniature tortoise or crab. They have six legs the
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melitensis on carrots a total of about billion organisms. Under observa
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top mattress one blanket to raise the bedstead place a thin
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sleep. Objective sleep laboratory data have shown effec
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from intermittent fever in its great impetuosity and the
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These changes in the blood and nervous system are asso
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ty two inches. From the sternum to the pubis along the median
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the results of practical experience. We readily admit
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significance and may only be discovered accidentally by physical examination
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customary habits of eating in periods of enforced or voluntary idleness
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most commonly or at least very often without any debility
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digestive process in the stomach and the facihty with
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in two North American Indian populations predisposed for spondylitis.
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over it a sense of roughness at least is perceptible
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have read the works of Home Clieyne and otliers but they are all
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movements during the coma are rare. Hemorrhages into the pons and me
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form extensive patches which wUl close the nostrils eye
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equal parts of castor oil and laudanum and keeping the abdomen
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thirteen to twenty months. The fourth patient cannot be traced
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teeth and the disease in this manner transferred directly
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rectus muscle seven years previously. Along with this there would
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this learned and most excellent doctor can be thus carried away with yellow
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it would appear that earthworms are the agents of con
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troversy still persists concerning the innocuous effect
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take the experimentation on a nursing unit early in
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masses are found in the lacnTual or saUvary glands as well as in


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