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office of the physician daily, irrigations of the ante-

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toneal infection is much more frequent in girls than boys (11 out of 14 cases).

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tical application of this discovery to yellow fever

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the proper time, to Fort Mott, N. J., for duty with the

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him, and over these are spread blankets, leaving the

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ration, and this is found to be necessary when the weight does not show a

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or an empyema, are the most successful methods of treatment, and the

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be lost, which, as it had to perform the duty of both, be-

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experience in the former. In theory he sometimes clung to beliefs,

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Malaise and gastric or intestinal disturbances were

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results desired. At last it is realized that it is not

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tion. There is no stripping of the external oblique. This incision can be

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already spread on muslin, according to a list of formula?, and are l)oth

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also to the more recent researches of Rieder, Holz-

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tion of the middle and outer thirds. The displacement of the inner

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dences are multiplying that the pituitary gland, so

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thought, but I have indicated why it seems to me unjustifiable to assume,

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Both patients made good recoveries and remained well, with no further sign

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Warren. — In Boston, on Saturday, June 25th, Dr. Henry

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tion. Here and there we shall occasionally meet, so

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tension, as was done in all his second class of cases.

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thus overstimulating the cutaneous capillaries, with the result that the

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reassure some fearful people on one point ; no mat-

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small, as the patient again appeared on June 26th ; the scar

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ate doses is concerned. It goes without saying that in fully compen-

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bones ; 2, in the urethrovaginal septum ; 3, in the

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sible at right angles to the course of the nerve, it

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carriage for tube and attachments, vertically adjustable on slid-

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some indiscretion by the patient, or after some error

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evidence of angina or stomatitis, 24 were found who yielded diphtheria bacilli

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lixannnation ^hovvc(l exfohating cliisier.-. of ulcerati\c

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of the lips, nose, mouth, tongue, and pharynx. By their means it is quite

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sleep at night unless some of the relatives remained ii

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In thin persons with lax abdominal walls the manip-

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toneal infection can be carried over for operation at

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showed a leucocyte count of about 8,000, which might well

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lesions upon the skin or any other part of the body.

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of placing the patient in a position where an operation can be promptly

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There are certain instances where it is idle to put


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