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the ounce of water. If this treatment is followed by much

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Warnings cecior should be administered cautiously to penicillin

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cases. Patients with hyperthermia should be cooled rap

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The lungs are engorged at the entrance of the pulmonary artery but

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inflammation. It has little tendency to cohere but grows in

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without any subjective sensations but sometimes there is complaint of

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chloride and ether to be rubbed over the affected joints. The blister

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a summary of his method The usual precautions having been

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a phagocytic theory of immunity but the demonstration that the

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understood why it acts so beneficially upon asthmatic complaints di

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may be dislodged and cause sudden death by impaction in the

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in operating while in the other hospitals the inoisiou

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nated with the bromides of potassium and ammonium supporting

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so far overcome perhaps by the uiunanly and treacherous con

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should happen from a purely imaginary disease is by

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of tissue in their depth or on their margin. In other cases

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the remainder at different times later In the year. The latter were of

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This case has a striking likeness in its cliaracter to the

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will be passing very nearly a normal quantity and the introduction of the

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jected from its orifice and to stop its fiow when the

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are found in the blood and one explanation is that it is

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embolic infarctions as well as the seat of true croupous

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be employed during the acute stage are powdering the affected parts with

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resolutions be transmitted to each of the Senators and


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