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then the solution of pilocarpin intra tympanically.

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become insane has very recently been reduced to a matter of

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Now however as the report of the Rotunda Hospital for last year will

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The engineers and machinists hesitate to make the change be

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lar scales with a broad midrib enclosing four or five rudi

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Neck Use broad or narrow cravat. Place center of cravat over

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ation of the lips of the uterus or from malignant ulceration of the

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icine has deteriorated. The rewards in the practice of the

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doses of to. c.c depending on the size of the animal and resistance

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leg I will only add in conclusion that a calf kneed

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necessity of local surgical relief though not always by

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progress of the battle and so adroitly conducts the fight that

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be diagnosed at the earliest possible time. When one considers the long

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scess while of the remaining six no mention is made of the

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now placed in the lithotomy position. If the rectum has

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body acquired tolerance of the cellular elements of the body

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Discussion on the soldier s heart Sir James Mackenzie R. M. Wilson

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psychoneuroses. Paralyzing neurasthenia lurks in all the

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intestinal disturbance are past then proceed to increase

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wards of the sick that they do at this day agitated him his

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occurred in two cases one in a boy aged seven. He had

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lects too much while their muscular systems are kept quiet for long hours.

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vessels of the other hand. Similar relations exist between

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seen that in the early parts of Fig. the two waves are almost

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cause of the uterine enlargement preceding the celi

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to be considered. The feeble pulse of cardiac inadequacy may be in marked


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