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tious and easily digestible. Alcoholic stimulants if they improve nutrition

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DR. ORVILLE H. BROWN Phoenix Arizona Associate Editor

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wish to refresh their recollections upon this most important branch of surgical

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formation according to Virchow is a frequent cause in chlorotic females.

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the lifespan of the small lymphocyte is greater than days.

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ways and means of our business but its underlying principles.

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upon the minds of those who suffer from such a disease

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introduced. The tubercular form of leprosy he considers more

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limbs especially on the forearms thighs and buttocks.

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ogy especially among the postmodern lit crit crowd.

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on the left side. The arachnoid was infiltrated cloudy

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nerve cells stainable by the Nissl method and no doubt plays a very

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the bowels were constipated. This was her condition when brought to the

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There was a decided right lateral obliquity of the spine.

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In about one half of the cases of embolism from valvular diseases of

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District shall be a sanitary officer for such district or for

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ing the first days as illustrated by Curve Fig.. There is how

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symptoms of nerve trunk implication are observed together from a very

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injurious but a moderate amount may be taken for years without serious


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