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took sides against Dr. Day simply because I did not

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has been elaborated to a marvellous degree by the work of

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mains inactive at the point of inoculation for the space of

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white globules or leucocytes becoming agglutinated. There were no

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animals and that a very small minority only exhibited

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tive lesions second that of the esophagus which apart

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the arterial pressure falls the heart muscle gets less blood through

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ation during a high Btage of inflamukation has aided

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quantity of strumous pus was allowed vent the part was then

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veloped organs of the child can not digest and the same

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called barb en cholera. In China and Japan various species of the tetrodon

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days. As an antiseptic we have used a saturated solu

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tation of the stomach may originate from compression of the duodenum.

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Vaginal hysterectomy is an operation not difficult of

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tion for the spread of this disease as compared with the face

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added four other interesting cases that have occurred since the reading of the

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apparently concentrates all its energy and exhibits most of its virulence.

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connection Funk instances the siege of Paris when eases of scurvy

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caused considerable mortality through the incidence of secondary

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pen back the advancing tide. The weather being calm

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fifteen hours after the first injection even though other


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