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few offer such great difficulties. It is however one of the most
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other cold the two being used in alternation. Ice is some
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rather difficult owing to the location of the stomach and its
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States a solution of tlie problem is satisfactorily reached.
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tient it aijpeared that at birth the anus was imi erf orate
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oculate a guinea pig or a field mouse with portions of the suspected
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orbital tissues causing exophthalmos. Later there may be oedema of
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Weigel treats lateral curvature by means of a compression
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in some cases attributed to the absence of these rare
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in hospital building and management and of antisepsis and asepsis
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own cases the largest percentage of recovery occurred
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aqueous solution one part of soap to four or five of
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most recent advances in the teclinique of Litestinal Surgery. The
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is found in very much smaller quantities during and
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heart from segment to segment and result in a wave of
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general disease of the whole system that it has nothing to do
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more protracted interference occurs from adhesion of the pericardial
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on the individual subjects which the observations and inves
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gives rooin for more Uood which excites the vessels still more and develops
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and birds which have been kept in confinement and under un
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of the bladder the entire trigone including the ureteral
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habit and moderating it. In the ideal state which is coming
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no necessity of causing any increased action of the


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