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paradoxical as it may appear to some minds that in propor

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of mechanical irritation as a means of vasomotor stimulation

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parties for dancing and there are sohie entertainmedls on a larger scale which

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more bitter and disagreeable than that of gentian or qui

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nr diphtheria bacilli are found the bacterial gro th is scanty the media

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say of the opposite sex but it must be remembered that the

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some individuals may be regarded as entirely normal in others may be

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attend on each day devoted to the viva voce examinations and at

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The morbillous poison having once produced its specific effects

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training in the discipline but will be of great aid to physi

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helps to clear the eyesight aud snuffed up the nostrils it

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has already endured. If for instance having six thousand hairs

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ease. In this manner I have seen ophthalmia a fatal disease. It

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after the expiration of the fourth month. After this

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the fibula to be next to the plate. The only slight enlargement and

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of Chili Yorkshire pigs etc.. There has recently been a rather warm

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u Tjla with these conditions was associated great soreness in the

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thorns and dangers of the world is reduced to the light and careless

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leptothrix filaments will be increased and become convoluted. Bacilli are

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vaginalis the lining membrane of the containing cyst corresponding to

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cytosis has been observed. Hypoleucocytosis may be present under

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while etherized I would charge nothing or only a nominal fee

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To independent groups of the tissue Kohn gives the name of chromaffin

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the Hippocratic countenance while the Hippocratic oath

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marked improvement iu all their phthisical symptoms pro

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of the Woman s Hospital has to say New York Medical

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biniodide of mercury as well as preventing a recurrence

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the same time there is an increased consumption of oxygen

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occur in many looalitiea. In illustratioo of caeee which may

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has taken place or instruments have been used irrigation is

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Luzon District of Lepanto Mount Data Merrill November. A

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the coffin joint on the posterior part of the coffin bone instead


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