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most common cause of the intrinsic is gastric ulcer. The

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upwards. The results of the above cases excluding the specimen of the

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portions of the colon may descend into the sigmoid flexure of

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prairies many depend upon pasturing or lay in only a

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antitoxine any curative value in diphtheria On this point

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of a recurring or abdominal type in cases of backache lumbar or

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numerous. A few small gas containing cavities are present in the cortical

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hemianaesthesia may simulate those of hysterical origin.

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hearing was almost completely restored but the wife became all but

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emphysematosae but we do not consider that Levy s original description

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tuberculosis when pleural or pulmonary tuberculosis follows a contusion

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Class Reunion. The class of Jefferson Medical College

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there happened to arise a clashing of authority and the oourta

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inquisitorial research to be treated after methods which are

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This is a mistake. The presence of fibrous tissue points to disintegrative changes.

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autopsy the whole omentum was found in the left pleura.

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than where intrinsic disease of the organ itself is regarded.

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walls. It was mostly of a bluish green tinge and shimmering

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microcephalns removing a layer of bone fourteen millimetres wide

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gland at birth averages about grains or half an ounce. Meckel states

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been termed also Crusta lactea C. L. Infantum Achores in Facie

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destroyed. When large and soft if troublesome enough to require

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longer period of observation would be required to establish the

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of Medicine at St. Andrew s during the painful illness cancer of the

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degeneration of these collaterals may impair the light reflex alone ausint

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not refer to instances in which there exist evidences of laceration

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the waters she may have all the advantages which a thorough muta

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when they do they deserve a patient hearing. A commissioned

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tural idea would have been to have recourse to tonics and astrin


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