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Tinea of mucous membrane. — The mucous membrane of the vulva may

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not inflict pain on others, they will bite their own arms or hands, or

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who found (a) great hypertrophy of all the layers of the epidermis, espe-

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4. Of digestive symptoms. — Hysteria and dyspepsia are often hopelessly

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taneous, or may appear to result from treatment ; in either case, after a

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and carpentry may be given to those who show a taste for mechanical

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ately and intentionally pursues a course that leads directly certainly and

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C. The cardiac form. — In this form the heart's action is ordinarily rapid,

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delusion ; as, for example, delusions of violation and obscene hallucinations,

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(Crocker). Fereol has published a case in which neither the sweat nor

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branches, and may invade the distribution of even the finest twigs,

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of the ladies began to glow, their imaginations to become in-

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strained positions are very painful, and lead to nystagmus. The miner

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Under the microscope the affection is an angio-sarcoma of the spindle-

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same state of suspended function as the general condition of the nervous

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the Oriental tongues, and he had read the literature of every

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ruin before their true nature is recognised. In nearly all these senile

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but if untreated it spread gradually over the body, the skin became

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The examination of the urine has led to no constant results.

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by Hirschwald of Berlin (Die Katatonie), 1874. Dr. Mickle's article in Brain (vol. xii.

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